XMDF  2.2
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\XMDF Documentation
 o1. Introduction
 o2. Overview
 |o2.1. Overcoming Binary Portability Issues
 |o2.2. HDF5 Methodology
 |o2.3. HDF5 Viewer
 |o2.4. XMDF Organization
 ||o2.4.1. Mesh Groups
 ||o2.4.2. Grid Groups
 ||o2.4.3. Cross-section Groups
 ||o2.4.4. Geometric Path Groups
 ||o2.4.5. Data Set Groups
 ||\2.4.6. Coordinate System Groups
 |\2.5. API Overview
 o3. Quick Start for Model Developers
 |o3.1. XMDF File Paths
 |o3.2. Reading Geometry
 ||o3.2.1. Meshes
 ||\3.2.2. Grids
 |\3.3. Writing Datasets
 o4. Implementation Design
 |o4.1. XMDF Functions/Subroutines
 |o4.2. Compression
 |o4.3. Version Number
 |o4.4. Creating and Opening Files
 |o4.5. Float variable types
 |o4.6. XMDF Groups
 ||\4.6.2. Determining all entities in a file
 |o4.7. Properties
 ||o4.7.1. Reserved Property Names
 ||\4.7.2. API Functions for Properties
 |o4.8. Meshes
 ||o4.8.1. Nodal Coordinates
 ||o4.8.2. Elements
 ||o4.8.3. Group Organization
 ||o4.8.4. API Functions
 ||\4.8.5. Properties
 |o4.9. Grids
 ||o4.9.1. Grid Properties
 ||o4.9.2. API functions
 ||o4.9.3. Grid Geometry
 ||o4.9.4. Extruded layers
 ||\4.9.5. Cell and Node Properties
 |o4.10. Cross-section Data
 ||o4.10.1. Cross-Sections
 ||o4.10.2. Profiles
 ||o4.10.3. Point Properties
 ||o4.10.5. Group Organization
 ||\4.10.6. API Functions
 |o4.11. Geometric Paths
 ||o4.11.1. Group Organization
 ||o4.11.2. API Functions
 ||\4.11.3. Spatial Bins
 |o4.12. Data Sets
 ||o4.12.1. API Functions
 ||\4.12.2. Properties
 |o4.13. Coordinate Systems
 |o4.14. MetaData
 |\4.15. Parallel XMDF
 | o4.15.1. New files
 | o4.15.2. Initializing MPI
 | o4.15.3. Creating, opening and closing files
 | o4.15.4. Writing scalar time steps
 | o4.15.5. Writing vector time steps
 | o4.15.6. Reading scalar time steps
 | o4.15.7. Reading vector time steps
 | \4.15.8. Reading mesh geometry
 \5. Appendix A - Coord Group