XMDF Documentation



This is the documentation for the XMDF API's. It should be used as a reference for developers who are using the XMDF library. For additional detail refer to the Documentation Modules tab.

XMDF is a C and Fortran language library providing a standard format for the geometry data storage of river cross-sections, 2D/3D structured grids, 2D/3D unstructured meshes, geometric paths through space, and associated time data. XMDF uses HDF5 for cross-platform data storage and compression.

The XMDF web site is at http://www.xmdf.org.

Example Code

A working code example using the XMDF library is included for C++, Fortran, and Parallel C. They are found in the Examples tab and in the download. They show how to read and write various XMDF data types. A VisualStudio 8 project is available for the C++ example. A VisualStudio 6 project is available for the Fortran example. A bash script and gnu makefile are available for the Parallel C example.
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